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Workshop N°1 : Olive oils Bar

1.  Presentation: The olive tree and its products – origin and manufacturing processes, the olive tree of Nice.

2. Comparative tasting of 5 different extra virgin olive oils: Olive oil of Nice, Green and fruity olive oil, olive oil with basil, olive oil with lemon, black truffle olive oil.

3. Comparative tasting of two types of olives of Provence: The little olive of Nice and the green Picholine

4. Comments on the use of this products in cookery.


Workshop N°2 : Riviera sweets
1. Explanations about the uses of almonds and citrus in the local confectionery
2. Tastings of biscuits and sweets:
Calissons, Crunchy biscuits with almonds,
Chocolates with orange and lemon, Navettes

Workshop N°3 : Create your own blend of herbs

1. Presenting different herb plants of Provence: thyme, rosemary, savory, basil and oregano.
2. Plants are presented in fresh bouquets and dried ready to eat in baskets : Participants will have to recognize fresh plants and to find the corresponding dried herbs.
3. Explanations regarding the usage of the different plants for cook, suggestions concerning plants used in particular dishes.
4. Each participant prepares a bag of his own blend of herbs made from proposed plants and takes home their own unique bag (about 20 g).


Workshop  N°4 : Create your own dessert with rose and lychees or red poppy and strawberries

1.    Explanations about the tradition and cooking with flowers of Grasse.

2.    Provision of marble mortars, pestles and aprons

3.    Preparation by participants of a dessert with rose and lychees or red poppy and strawberries

4.    Presentation in glasses overlaid with:
- Crushed fruits,
- Crumbled gingerbread "crumble way"
- Whipped topping
- Flowers syrup, decorating with crystallized flowers

5.    Comparative tasting of preparations obtained

6.    Comments on the culinary uses of the products with flowers



Workshop N° 5 : Blind tasting of specialities for the aperitif

1.       Presentation of the aperitif in Provence

2.       Blind tasting of 6 local specialities with breadsticks :

• Black olive tapenade

• Green olive tapenade

• Artichoke caviar

·   Sardel and lemon cream

• Tuna and grapefruit cream

• Anchovy cream

3.    Presentation about manufacturing processes, origins of the products, Provencal anecdotes and culinary ideas.


Workshop N°6 : Honeys and corresponding plants

1.    Presentation of the honey production:  A big diversity of flowers and honeys of the French Riviera from the seaside to the South of the Alps, presentation of Mediterranean plants and corresponding honeys

2.    Comparative tasting of five different honeys: lavender, rosemary, thyme, eucalyptus, and lemon

3.   Presentation and tasting of gingerbread made with honey and orange peels

4.  Comments on the use of honeys in cookery



















Workshop N°7: Create your own tapenade
1. Presentation: The olive tree and its corresponding products – olives, oils, olive pastes, tapenades.
  Practical cookery workshop in which participants learn how to make black olive tapenade using local ingredients (Olives, garlic, capers, anchovy cream, olive oil, etc.), working with a pestle and mortar. Recipes provided at the end of the session.
  Presentation about manufacturing processes, origins of the products, Provencal anecdotes and culinary ideas.
Tapenade tasting with toasts.


Material: All products, tables, tablecloths, materials and plants provided by Dimension Sud for the workshops.


Animation: The animation of each workshop is conducted by a specialist in Provencal cuisine. The overall coordination of the service is performed by an agronomist.


Contact us for a personalized estimate. Prices depend on the number of participants, on the place and on the selected workshops. 


Decreasing rates according to the number of participants and the selected workshops




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