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Cookery Workshops
Anchovy Cream
Dessert with fruits ans flowers

Tastings and Explanations
All about Olives
Flowers in Gastronomy
Honeys and corresponding plants

Provençal Challenge


Gourmet Breaks

Aperitif in Provence

Coffee and Tea Break


Provencal Lunch


Open Activities


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Activities for Groups
 “Around the Gastronomy of Provence” 





We provide fun and friendly activities at the place of your choice (hotel, garden, island, forest, village, exceptional places), by reservation only. These activities are provided by gastronomy specialists of Provence and coordinated by an agronomist engineer.


In French, English, German, Italian, Portuguese or Chinese


It's always a pleasure to cook with Jay Rayner, my cousin in London.

Cooking lesson with Francis BRENNAN and the Irish TV

(Francis Brennan's Grand Tour)





Friendliness, Team Building,

Sharing of Experiences


1. Cookery Workshops "Introduction to the cooking of Provence”: workshops for making  tapenade, pesto or anchovy cream ; workshops for making desserts with fruit and flowers; workshops for making a full aperitif

2.Tastings and explanations about Provencal specialities: all about olives, the flowers in gastronomy, honeys and corresponding plants

3. Provencal challenge in teams: Blind tasting of olive spreads, flower syrups, jams with theme quiz, recognising Mediterranean and aromatic plants and identifying objects of Provence

4. Gourmet and Provencal breaks: Provencal aperitif, coffee and tea breaks

5. Provencal picnic: Buffet of local specialities to discover the Provencal gastronomy

6. Open workshops during cocktails, parties, breaks



Please, ask for a quote from Nicolas de Choudens.

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