Camargue Salt Gifting Atelier

For those who consider salt as a simple condiment, this atelier will be a revelation during your event, seminar or gala evening ! During our gifting atelier, your guests will take part in a comparative discovery of 5 fleur de sel (salt flakes): natural fleur de sel, fleur de sel with garlic and Provence herbs, fleur de sel with black olives and dried tomatoes, fleur de sel and Espelette pepper and fleur de sel with black truffle. Our insights allow you to learn about the traditional production of salt in Camargue as well as using these special flavored salts in the kitchen. The participants make a small pack of salt of 20g, which they will keep as a welcoming gift. An original and gourmet souvenir that will mark the spirits !

This Camargue salt gifting atelier can be organized indoor or outdoor. This setup does not require access to water or electricity.

The Camargue salt gifting atelier is designed for groups from 10 to 1000 people.

The Camargue salt gifting atelier can last 1 hour, an afternoon, a day or an evening.

This atelier can be done on a table or a typical market stall. Personalized labels with your logo and your message are an option. All the sanitary rules are respected. All the material is included.

Do you need information regarding our Provencal rally, our petanque aperitif our blind tasting or Provencal gifting ateliers ? We are here to help!
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