Culinary Workshops : Pan-Bagnat Workshop

An essential part of Nice's cuisine, the Pan-bagnat, is presented through history with the origin of its products and its different recipes. While listening to our anecdotes, the participants make their own Pan-bagnat according to their taste preferences. Preparation of vegetables, special bread, seasoning, adjustment of ingredients... a creative workshop that strengthens team cohesion, exchanges outside of work and facilitates working together. This is followed by a delicious tasting of the Pans-Bagnats elaborated by the participants and a cold buffet of Nice specialties. Local desserts and drinks are included for a complete lunch.

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This culinary workshop can be organized indoor or outdoor. This setup does not require access to water or electricity.

The Pan-Bagnat workshop is designed for groups from 10 to 300 people.

The Pan-Bagnat workshop lasts 45 minutes. Another 1h15 for lunch.

The recipe can be adapted to vegetarian or vegan diets. All recipes are chosen accordingly to the season. All the sanitary rules are respected. All the material is included.

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