Culinary workshops : Tapenade Workshop

Our Tapenade workshop is a best-seller for those who want to share a local and friendly experience with their guests. After a presentation of the olive tree and the varieties of olive oils, olive pastes and tapenade, we provide your employees or customers with aprons, mortars and pestles to begin the activity. Let's make green and/or black olive tapenade! A privileged moment for the participants to get to know each other better and to strengthen relationships around an original activity far from the office. The Provencal culinary workshop is enhanced by insights on the methods of production, Provencal anecdotes and other culinary tips in a friendly atmosphere. The workshop ends with the tasting of the tapenades and a specialist’s review of everyone’s work.

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This culinary workshop can be organized indoor or outdoor. This setup does not require access to water or electricity.

The tapenade workshop is designed for groups from 10 to 1000 people.

This culinary workshop is flexible and can last 1 hour, an afternoon, a day or an evening. It can be paired up with a petanque, a Provencal aperitif or any other activity.

The tapenade workshop is flexible and can be adapted to vegetarian or vegan diets. The workshop can be done on a table or a typical market stall. All the sanitary rules are respected. All the material is included.

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