Culinary workshops : Fruit & Flowers Workshop

After a quick presentation of the flower’s traditions in the region of Grasse, we will discuss their new use in Provencal gastronomy. Equipped with their apron, marble mortars and pestles, the participants will prepare a fruit and flower based dessert that we will have chosen together beforehand, for example: peach and rose charlotte, belle-Hélène pear revisited with mimosa. During this creative workshop, the team spirit is reinforced, your employees or customers share a good moment and discover new ways of working together. The desserts will be submitted to a collective tasting! A gourmet moment, with comments on the use of flowers in cooking.

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This culinary workshop can be organized indoor or outdoor. This setup does not require access to water or electricity.

Fruit & Flowers workshop is designed for groups from 10 to 1000 people.

This culinary workshop is flexible and can last 1 hour, an afternoon, a day or an evening. It can be paired up with a petanque, a Provencal nibbles or any other activity.

All recipes are chosen accordingly to the season. All the sanitary rules are respected. All the material is included.

Do you need information regarding our Provencal culinary workshops? We are here to help!
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